One on One Speed and Strength Training

Training by real professionals ensures your athlete will learn the fundamentals of excelling in sports in a focused, concentrated environment.  This gives you the opportunity to learn the correct form and technique, the first time.

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Group and Team Training

PST offers sports specific training tailored to team needs. Reap the benefits of team conditioning with improved physical performance along with camaraderie and discipline. Get the edge on your opponents by participating in off-season or in-season strength and conditioning sessions.

Our highly trained staff of Certified Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Specialists have specialized training and extensive knowledge in each specific sport. Team training and conditioning includes pre and post testing to track improvements in:






TRX suspension training

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Open Gym

Open Gym was designed for athletes to get a work out in alongside other athletes . As your kids are working on there strength/conditioning, speed/agility, sports performance etc…They  use our gym’s top of the line equipment. Each day has its own specialty.

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Women’s Bootcamp

Recovery Day

Every athlete needs a to recoup the energy spent on getting stronger faster and better by using Ice ,Massage and  Stretching. Ask us  how?

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Next Steps…

The most comprehensive  training your athlete will ever have before going to the pros

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